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I am not able to make the meeting today but I wanetd to let you know what I'm working up Ofrenda Creation Station (per recent conversation with Sonnet about past Women Who Rock activities that might be a fit for the middle school girls I'm working with at SGS):The following is what I presented at the Affinity/Affiliation Group Fair at Seattle Girls School. The girls voted YES!Creation Station Ofrendas: To remember and honor the memory of women in musicWhat we'll do:1. SGS Latina Affinity Group meets every fourth Thursday October-June 12-1pm. We will explore the history, meanings and culture behind the OFRENDA tradition. We will actively discuss, independently research, and share in group setting. We will collect items deemed appropriate for use in ofrenda creation.2. Event participation: SGS Latina Affinity Group will participate in the March event onsite at UW campus. We will build 1-3 alters for display, act as docent to the ofrenda space, assist others in creating new or adding on.3. Angela will put a little calendar together for the SGS Group so we stay in step with the event planning process to be readyWhat Angela needs:1. Want to know if you all like this idea, and what feedback there might be regarding what you need from me.2. What does Women Who Rock need from the SGS group (e.g., maybe a little blurb about what/ who the group is, purpose of project, or just member names, maybe the girls could come to one of the planning meetings later on, etc.3. Can we send out/post a Call' for event participants/event-goers to bring an offering or recuerdo, something to place on one of the alters-in-progress. Angela can create but needs to know deadlines or if someone else will do this.Angela206-459-1430 http://bcqzkfjk.com [url=http://jsagakfn.com]jsagakfn[/url] [link=http://rvksmukppbh.com]rvksmukppbh[/link]

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